The Walking Dead’s Daryl Dixon and Michonne: Should They Hook Up?
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead’s Daryl Dixon and Michonne: Should They Hook Up?

Some The Walking Dead fans have been shipping Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) and Michonne (Danai Gurira) since everyone's favorite katana-wielding survivor first set foot within the prison's rapidly-deteriorating fence. Both Daryl and Michonne are ultimate survivors that work well alone, but are essential to the survival of the group. Both of their weapons are a gigantic part of their character identity, and they're both really, really hot. Hey, it's the apocalypse — why not hook up?

This OTP — Dixonne, or Dichonne — has had a little extra kick of attention lately, thanks to some super-sweet moments on a supply run earlier this season! Daryl and Michonne seemed to bond as they searched for supplies, hacked through overgrowth, and fought off walkers — things that both of them are pretty freaking good at. Know what didn't hurt, though? Norman thinks Danai is "cute" and wouldn't mind an on-screen romance. Eeee!

But what about TWD's most popular ship, Caryl? While Michonne and Daryl were on their epic supply run, something else was clearing the way for this ship: Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride)'s departure.

Carol and Daryl might still happen, of course — we don't know that Carol's out of the group forever, and we still haven't seen Daryl's reaction to Carol admitting to being Karen and David's killer. While Caryl shippers stress, though, Dixonne shippers rejoice: Daryl might be sad, but could he maybe cry on Michonne's shoulder?

Also at odds with Dixonne is RichonneRick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) with Michonne. Nothing at all is stopping that from happening. If Michonne hooked up with one or the other, could it make things awkward in the prison?

Just for kicks, could anything be awful about a Dixonne plotline? Let's see. They could get sick of each other, since they both work alone well — or maybe they'd just understand the other's need for solitude better. Maybe they would hook up, and Carol would come back just in time to see, which would be sad for everyone. Worst-case scenario: the relationship distracts both of them from being a super-efficient walker-killer, and everyone loses.

What do you think? Should Daryl and Michonne hook up, or are these two a mismatch? Vote with the reaction buttons below, or tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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