Daryl Dixon Teams Up With the Baddies From Rick Grimes’s House — What Next?
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The Walking Dead

Daryl Dixon Teams Up With the Baddies From Rick Grimes’s House — What Next?

In The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 13: "Alone," Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) runs off in Search of Beth Greene (Emily Kinney) after she's kidnapped by a limo with a cross on it — but the people he ends up finding are very, very different. After bunking down in the middle of a crossroads, he's awakened by a band of troublemakers — the same ones that Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) had to escape from in Episode 11!

Being Daryl, he immediately punches the closest one in the face and arms his crossbow — which seems to impress the guy he's aiming his weapon at, Joe (Jeff Kober) — who then off all the guys aiming weapons at our hero. For a second, we thought that maybe this wouldn't all eventually end badly… until Joe busted out the line, "Why hurt yourself when you can hurt other people?" (Yikes, a big bad!)

At the end of the episode, Daryl seemed to have, at least temporarily, joined up with the group — but for how long? Will Daryl have to say or do something awful to save face he sees one of the old gang again — and will he ever find Beth?

We know from previews that he ends up hanging around Daryl for at least a slightly significant amount of time. Spoiler photos from the TWD set in Georgia show Daryl walking train tracks with a gray-haired man that looks an awful lot like Joe. Are the train tracks a sign that they're heading to the Sanctuary with everyone else?

Neither Joe or Daryl have comic book counterparts, so we can't do too much hard speculation — but we know that some really horrible people eventually show their faces after the gang reaches the Sanctuary. We're pretty nervous about what's to come.

03.9.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Sarah Anne Lloyd
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