Ben Flajnik Will Take You on a Date — For Only $2,500!
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Ben Flajnik Will Take You on a Date — For Only $2,500!

You guys. We need to talk about Ben Flajnik. No, no, wait. Don’t leave. We’re seriously a little baffled by the Season 7 Bachelorette runner-up turned Season 16 Bachelor. Why, you ask? Because the former reality star / current Envolve Winery owner has a new job on his list now: Male escort.

Okay, to be fair, we mean that in the most literal sense, as he is offering his services to take (or escort, if you will) people around town and show them his favorite San Francisco neighborhood spots. He’ll wine and dine and hang out with you, but it’s up to him where you go and what you do, since the Bachelor itinerary makers are booked up for the season.

Oh, and did we mention it will cost you $2,500 for three hours of his time? Because it will. Or, it would have, had you bought the Gilt City San Francisco deal Ben “guest curated.” So, what do you get for two-thousand-five-hundred dollars (we needed to spell it out so you don’t think we typo torpedoed your brain)? Well, you get “lunch or dinner at one of his favorite restaurants,” and then “you might help him walk his dog on the beach,” or possibly “explore his San Francisco neighborhood.” If you’re really lucky, you could put that price of a used car to good use while you “chat over a cup of coffee.”

As Gilt says, though, this is a heck of a deal, because “Ben is famously heartfelt.” The deal mentions his Fiji proposal to Ashley Hebert, but nary a word about Ms. Courtney Robertson, who also received a proposal. Sad news, though, guys. You can stop digging in the couch cushions (at your therapist’s office), because the “non-refundable,” “final sale” vouchers are dunzo, and you will have to satisfy your Flajmania with that Ben-shaped body pillow of yours.

But before you go off to cry in its fabric hair, may we mention our favorite part of the deal? That would be the fact that it expires December 18, and lucky guests are cautioned that “after this date, the voucher is valid for the amount paid for five years from date of purchase.” Which begs the question, what do Ben and Gilt think this experience is actually worth?

Source: Gilt City

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