Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez Wants to Date Older Men — Sorry Justin Bieber (VIDEO)

Bad news for Justin Bieber today and no, he didn’t get arrested again. The object of his social media affections (and sometimes Texan hookups) Selena Gomez is so over younger men. That means the recently 20-year-old Biebs is probably out of the running to come and get it.

The way has it, Selena has “grown tired of Justin’s attention-grabbing antics” and that’s why the 21-year-old has set her sights on older men who won’t be as “clingy” and “delusional” as Justin. The intel reportedly comes from a source close to the singer “in both her business and personal life” so take that for what it’s worth.

Said source adds that a “permanent breakup” between Justin and Selena “could even be confirmed as early as mid-July.” We’re not sure three months from now is exactly “early” but any break from Justin would be news for Selena who seemed fully ready to join up with Camp Biebs after the late-night visit she paid him at a recording studio just last week.

But the Radar source says that despite how chummy Jelena may appear, things are stuck in the same old rut with Selena actually concerned Justin could go off the rails just to keep her in his snare.

“Justin is a little bit of a crazy guy who could do something weird like proposing marriage just to keep her by his side, but that’s Selena’s exact problem with him,” the insider says. “She really finds it uncool how he buys into his own hype, and that’s why she’s spent a couple of months trying to re-establish herself — and distance herself from Justin.”

How exactly is that going again?