Julianne Hough Compares Dating Brooks Laich to Ryan Seacrest, Other Boyfriends
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Julianne Hough

Julianne Hough Compares Dating Brooks Laich to Ryan Seacrest, Other Boyfriends

Julianne Hough is a self-described “relationship girl,” and even though she planned to be single for a year after her March 2013 breakup with Ryan Seacrest, that’s not quite how it turned out. But she’s happy with hockey player Brooks Laich, whom she met late last year.

Julianne, 25, is on the new cover of Redbook and she explained how her relationship with Brooks, 31, differs from her nearly three-year relationship with Ryan, 39, as well as past romances (she dated her Dancing With the Stars Season 8 partner Chuck Wicks and was briefly linked last year to Ari Sandel).

“Every relationship, there was nothing wrong or bad, but there was nothing right,” Julianne told Redbook. “I had one foot out because I didn’t want to get hurt. And I didn’t say what was on my mind because I didn’t want to ruffle any feathers. I needed to be perfect. But now I’m not holding anything back, because I’d rather get my heart broken than never know what it is to be completely, madly in love. If I had been this open in my last relationship, who knows?"

Aww. And here we thought she and Ryan were open and on the same page, while they were together. Julianne also talked about the serendipity of meeting Brooks at just the right time last year.

“I had this epiphany when my family went to a six-day seminar [last November] about creating your own destiny," Julianne said. "I was not into it at first, but I learned so much about myself and why my relationships didn’t work that by the end I was on a high. I was seeing a couple people, but immediately [pretends to text guys], ‘You are nice, but this is going nowhere.’ The next day my Curve costar introduced [Brooks and me]. It couldn’t have been a better time. We’ve been open and honest from day one.” And we know how much Jules has embraced honesty this year (see her DWTS guest judging of Mark Ballas and Maksim Chmerkovskiy).

Julianne and Brooks seem to be pretty serious, even dropping the l-word about each other. On June 23, she posted the happy photo shown of the couple, writing, 'Happy Birthday to this #mcm #love #happy #bestfriend @brookslaich."

So he’s her best friend and her Man Crush Monday, and she’s happy in love. Good for her! They do seem like a cute couple. She's still young and figuring things out, but maybe this Brooks fella is even The One. If not, well, she can always go back to that seminar and hope it leads to more love magic!

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