Is Khloe Kardashian Dating Miley Cyrus’s Pal French Montana? — Report
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Khloe Kardashian

Is Khloe Kardashian Dating Miley Cyrus’s Pal French Montana? — Report

Khloe Kardashian may or may not be slowly letting ex-husband Lamar Odom back into her life, but it doesn’t mean she’s against a brand new relationship. These days, Khloe’s all about playing the field — and this time, it sounds like she’s joining rapper French Montana’s team.

According to Star Magazine, things are heating up between Khloe and Miley Cyrus’s old pal (and one time fling? Maybe?). Khloe and French Montana are, apparently, totally inseparable, having spent every day together for the past few weeks. Except, you know, while Khloe was on vacation in Thailand with her fam, which is a bummer for French, because girl has been looking good.

The mag says Khloe was spotted in the studio with her new hip-hop beau on March 10… and then also on the set of his new music video. French Montana was also seen at Khloe’s new Calabasas pad on March 20.

“It’s still in the early stages,” says a friend of the blossoming couple. “But they’re having fun together. They have a strong connection.”

Their connection is so strong, in fact, that in one of French Montana’s latest tunes, “88 Coupes,” he full out disses Lamar. “‘Cuz I don’t know what they totin', you n—a smokin' that Lamar Odom,” he raps.

We’re going to wait for more evidence before we make the final call on if Khloe’s going French. After all, if every rumor about Khloe’s relationship status was true, she’d definitely be rocking another ring.

What do you think? Are Khloe and French Montana an item, or is this just another rumor?

Source: Star Magazine