Is This Former Bachelor Dating a Hot Real Housewife?
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Is This Former Bachelor Dating a Hot Real Housewife?

Which former Bachelor is still making hearts flutter all over town, seven years after he stopped handing out roses? It’s the prince himself, Season 9’s Lorenzo Borghese.

Word is, Lorenzo is a big deal in the New York social scene, and he was seen getting cozy with The Real Housewives of New York City’s Sonja Morgan. Are they dating? Well, if they are dating, it’s probably news to Sonja’s 23-year-old boyfriend, Benjamin Benallou. recently posted fun-night-out photos of Lorenzo, 41, with his arm around Sonja, 49, while Ben was out of town.

Is This Former Bachelor Dating a Hot Real Housewife?
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But before you get too shocked, if you look at the full photos, you see the cozy pic of the two is part of a group shot with other friends on both sides. Yes, Lorenzo has his arm around Sonja, and she doesn’t deny they are friends, but they seem to be just friends. Sonja explained the pic to Radar: “I filmed an all-cast event at Le Cirque [on September 12] and then I organized a dinner party over at Jamie’s restaurant and I invited Lorenzo. And he came to join me for dinner.”

Lorenzo is a big animal lover, just like the
RHONY star, and Sonja said they met through different animal-related charities. An insider told Radar that Lorenzo made flirtatious comments about Sonja while he MC-ed a charity fashion event back in June 2013. Sonja explains that after the prince broke up with his girlfriend, Tinsley Mortimer, “he asked me to co-host his charity at a rooftop event.” One witness told Radar they left that charity event together in a limo around 2 a.m. Just friends sharing a late-night limo home to their charmed lives.

Radar openly asked Sonja if she’s romantically interested in our Bachelor boy. But instead of telling the world exactly what’s up, she pretty much dismissed the silly idea that every boy who puts her arm around her is a replacement for her hunky young man-friend. “When Ben is away, I have friends and I go out!”

Some friends are just very flirtatious with each other but never cross the line, so we’re pretty sure that’s what’s going on with Lorenzo and Sonja. But should she ever need tips on juggling her suitors, Lorenzo would absolutely be able to offer his show-learned wisdom.