Ashley Benson on Dating — What’s a Dealbreaker and What’s NBD? (VIDEO)
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Ashley Benson

Ashley Benson on Dating — What’s a Dealbreaker and What’s NBD? (VIDEO)

Quick! Which one of these is a dating dealbreaker for Ashley Benson: dressing badly or not watching Pretty Little Liars? The PLL actress admitted to HLN what she couldn’t stand in a man and what was NBD. Where does the aforementioned fall and what else does Ash consider a dating no-go? Read on to find out! We’ve compiled Ash’s preference in handy lists for your reading pleasure.


  • Leaves the toilet seat up.

  • Doesn’t get along with your friends.

  • Screens your calls. (Complete with awesome reaction face from Ash.)

  • Forgets your birthday. “Oh my god, I’d be so pissed.”

  • No sense of humor.

  • Bad dresser. (But she seems to feel bad about this one.)

No big deal:

  • Better looking than you.

  • Always on his handheld. “I’m on my phone, all the time.”

  • Doesn’t follow you on Twitter.

  • Doesn’t text back right away.

  • Has lots of women friends.

  • Doesn’t pick up the check.

  • Doesn’t watch Pretty Little Liars. “Oops.”

Ryan Good must always remember Ash’s birthday (we know she doesn’t forget about his) because the stylish couple seems very happy together. Just last week, Ashley shared a photo of her significant other sitting next to their shared cheese plate and wine, captioned: “Three of my favorite things.” Might we also say: Ryan is an excellent dresser.

Were you surprised by Ash’s dealbreakers versus not a big deals? Sound off in the comments below!

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