Parents Discover That Daughter’s Biological Father Is a Convicted Criminal After Sperm Bank Mix Up
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Parents Discover That Daughter’s Biological Father Is a Convicted Criminal After Sperm Bank Mix Up

A Utah family got a very rude awakening recently, when they found out that their daughter’s birth father was not the husband of the household, but rather a convicted kidnapper who worked at the fertility clinic that helped them get pregnant.

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, the family made the discovery when they decided to look into their genealogy and do some DNA testing. The test results indicated that the sperm they used to get artificially inseminated and pregnant with their daughter in 1992 must have been switched.

To the family’s horror, further investigation into the DNA turned up that the birth father was a convicted criminal, Thomas R. Lippert. Deceased since 1999, Lippert’s widow confirmed that he indeed worked at the clinic known as Reproductive Medical Technologies, Inc. (RMTI) for nine years. The former college professor spent two years in prison for kidnapping a college student in 1974 and conducting “love experiments” on her.

The family in the case wishes to remain anonymous, but genealogist CeCe Moore is coming forward because she believes that if the sperm for this family got switched, it probably happened to other families, too. To aid in getting information to the families involved, she’s even created a website called “Was Your Child Fathered By Thomas Lippert?

Despite this setback, this is one family that’s meant to be together. The mother told local TV news affiliate KUTV, “...nothing is better than our daughter. I would go through anything, including this and much more, to have her. She is an incredible blessing and just a wonderful, wonderful daughter."

The clinic shut its doors years ago, and have reportedly destroyed all records, but the University of Utah, which contracted with the company in the past, has offered free DNA testing to families who may have been involved. Authorities have declined to comment further on the investigation, saying only that it’s “ongoing.”

Source: Salt Lake Tribune

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