Kim Zolciak’s Daughter Kaia Is Already Swimming at 6 Months Old! (VIDEO)
Credit: Kim Zolciak on Instagram    

Kim Zolciak

Kim Zolciak’s Daughter Kaia Is Already Swimming at 6 Months Old! (VIDEO)

We knew that those Biermann babies had the athlete gene in them — how could they not with a football playing pop like Kroy? Plus, momma Kim Zolciak is also a bit of a gym buff herself these days, looking better than ever after having an astounding six children. But how about an infant that can swim at only six months? Yea, thats a whole new level!

Kim took to Instagram this week to share a precious vid of her youngest girl, Kaia Rose (twin to Kane Ren), who is just a half-year old. The little one is captured swimming in the family pool, but don’t worry, she’s got a baby floaty!

“My little princess and my big boy KJ in the pool today!!!! She lovesssss the water!!! This little gadget is incredible!” Kim captions the video.

It really is! At first glance we had no idea what the floating neck ring was — after all, we’ve never seen one that sits there before. Not to mention, a free-floating baby! But not only does it seem very safe (and Kim is clearly on hand), Kaia has some serious legs on her! Girl is treading some real water.

We also love that big brother KJ, almost 3, is spending time with his baby sis, paddling with his swimmies nearby. Ah, to live a day in the life of Kim Zolciak…

What do you think of this funky contraption? Would you try it out with your kids? Tell us in the comments below.