Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Fears the Day North Gets on Social Media (VIDEO)

The Kardashian family may live their lives online, but that doesn’t mean facing the criticism of millions of anonymous commenters has gotten any easier for this famous family.

During an appearance at the Teen Choice Awards, Kim Kardashian revealed that, despite her busy schedule, she does take time to read the comments — and she’s hardly happy at what some of her followers have to say.

When asked about her social media use, Kim admitted that she doesn’t think the internet is always the healthiest place for her or the younger members of her family.

“I feel really bad for my little sisters and I would really hate for the day when my daughter has to get on social media, ‘cause the comments — it’s like, cyberbullying,” said Kim. “Sometimes, they can be so negative.”

However, Kim revealed that, when she finds herself lacking motivation or in need of a crowdsourced opinion — like in the case of her recent tweets about needing to lose 15 to 20 pounds — her followers can be a huge help.

“I was needing some motivation from the Twittersphere to help me work out a little harder and get back onto my no-carbs Atkins,” said Kim.

Despite her dramatic weight loss since daughter North’s birth, Kim admitted of her diet, “I fell off a little bit, but I’ve just got to get focused and get back on.”

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