Farrah Abraham Dishes on Daughter Sophia’s 5th Birthday Party — Exclusive
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Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham Dishes on Daughter Sophia’s 5th Birthday Party — Exclusive

Everyone please grab a container of Passy Perfume and start spraying yourself silly, because it's time to celebrate Sophia Abraham's birthday. This sweetheart is turning 5 years old on February 23, and you better believe Teen Mom's Farrah Abraham has huge plans for her kiddo's big day.

Farrah chatted with Wetpaint Entertainment editor Lindsay Dreyer at Pacha's Super Bowl Pre-Party Tailgate on January 30, and dished all about Sophia's soiree. Long story short? It's going to be fabulous.

"For her birthday I have made ponies, unicorns, there's also gonna be a choo choo train, a castle cake, and I'm also doing a big puppet show," Farrah said. "There's a lot of fun surprises for her. The reason why I do that is because I can't take all of her friends on a trip with us, so we have to have a party but otherwise we're going to visit Barney at Universal."

Best. Party. Ever. We're not sure what Farrah made her ponies and unicorns out of (paper mache? Silicone?), but they're only our two favorite kinds of horses. Plus, the idea of Farrah putting on a puppet show for a bunch of children is amazing. Oh, and a trip to visit Barney? Life couldn't get any better — why are we not invited to this party?

Sigh, it goes without saying that Sophia is one lucky little girl. Sure, her mom travels a lot for work, but Farrah is clearly 100 percent committed to making her daughter's life the best it can be!

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