David Arquette Falls Off the Wagon as Courteney Cox Divorce is Finalized: Report
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David Arquette Falls Off the Wagon as Courteney Cox Divorce is Finalized: Report

It looks like David Arquette is in the middle of some dark days.

According to Radar Online, the Scream 4 star has fallen off the wagon after proudly announcing his sobriety just eighteen months ago.

David, whose divorce from ex Courteney Cox was finalized in late May, was allegedly drinking alone in a Richmond, VA bar on Saturday, until he gained the attention of some local patrons.

"It was so random,” local music producer Nathan "Somnate" Keeyes told Radar. “He was literally the only dude siting at the bar, by himself. I wouldn’t have recognized him if my friend hadn’t. He didn’t look too good. Much older."

Somnate added, "He was so f****d up... he smelled like alcohol and was slurring his words."

David soon took the party from the bar to a nearby strip club, where he "was talking to girls left and right,” according to Somnate. “He had all these girls hanging on him. Random girls were walking up to him being like, ‘Are you David Arquette?’ Dude was loving it."

The actor spent the rest of the evening throwing back drinks and spending cash on strippers, and taking care of the bill for his new group of friends. While the evening seems to come as a huge setback in his path to sobriety, he didn't seem to be focusing on his recent divorce.

“David was really nice. It did look kind of sad, but at the same time, he’s famous so he can just randomly grab people and have a hundred person squad to chill with."

Strangers you meet when you're on a bender: always finding the silver linings.

Source: Radar Online