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Teen Beat Tuesday: David Boreanaz

Every Tuesday, we remember the dudes that decorated our photo binders. This week, let's discuss our original vampire boyfriend: David Boreanaz.

Teen Beat Tuesday: David Boreanaz
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Name: David Boreanaz

We Called Him: David Boreanaz, or maybe "Angel."

How Old Is He Now? 44 (Born May 16, 1969)

Claims to Fame: David Boreanaz was the broodiest, most lovelorn leading man of Joss Whedon's universe, breaking his way into our hearts as Buffy Summers's tortured, vampire boyfriend, Angel. (Or Angelus, the Scourge of Europe, depending on whether or not he has a soul.)

Why We Loved Him: Have you ever had a relationship with someone you weren't supposed to? Maybe a guy from the other side of the tracks with a heart of gold? An older dude, maybe? Or just someone who wasn't good for you but made you feel like the queen of the world? Some guy that treated you like dirt but was just SO GREAT to cuddle with?

Your friends don't trust him. He doesn't always do the right thing. But it feels like he's the only one who truly understands you.

Enter Angel.

Teen Beat Tuesday: David Boreanaz
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A quick catch-up: Angel is a vampire, turned in the 18th century. He was basically the evilest of all vampires until he brutally murdered a member of the wrong family. They returned his soul so he'd have to live with the guilt of basically acting like he's a bored housecat and all humans are tasty little catnip mice for a couple of centuries. (This ensures maximum brooding, which has a direct correlation to attractiveness.)

Enter Buffy Summers, a normal high-school teen with a vampire-slaying destiny. They fall in love, everything's great, Angel loses his soul again and almost ruins everything. It goes beyond simple rebellion and forbidden love — they're desperately drawn to one another at the same time as they're destined to destroy each other.

So much longing and angst — sexy, sexy angst. Really, we could have just said "sexy, sexy angst" and been done with this, because that is 100% why we love him.

What He's Up To Now: Don't worry ladies, you can still see David brood — as FBI agent Seeley Booth on Bones!

Teen Beat Tuesday: David Boreanaz
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Once again, David is playing a character with a troubled past, and an especially keen eye for the value of human life. It's not exactly the same, in that Seeley doesn't really see moral gray areas and he never turns into a monster hell-bent on destroying the world, but it'll do. Bones just got renewed for a tenth season, so we have even more of him to look forward to!

As much as we wished and hoped that Buffy and Angel were actually real and they'd eventually find some metaphysical solution that allowed them to be together, we're still happy for David and his wife, Jaime Bergman, whom he married in 2001. They have two kids together: Their daughter, Bardot Vita, is four, and her big brother, Jaden Rayne, is 11.

How much did you love David Boreanaz? Post your thoughts, diary entries, and teenage fanfiction below!

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