Bones’ David Boreanaz: Booth Hasn’t Been Waiting For a Wedding — Exclusive
Bones’ David Boreanaz: Booth Hasn’t Been Waiting For a Wedding — Exclusive
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Bones’ David Boreanaz: Booth Hasn’t Been Waiting For a Wedding — Exclusive


It’s something many viewers have been waiting to see since the beginning: a wedding between Brennan (Emily Deschanel) and Booth (David Boreanaz) on Bones. It will definitely happen in Season 9, but when Wetpaint Entertainment spoke to David Boreanaz at the TCA All-Star Party, he said not everyone’s been anticipating the characters’ marriage — he’s just trying to live in the moment.

Is the wedding something you've been waiting for?

No. The character hasn't been waiting for it. He's just been anticipating the next move, and I think that's what I've done with this character and this show since the beginning. I don't think too much where it's going to go, how long it's going to last, and I will always be like that. So for me, it's about working and just enjoying the present and trying to make him a better character for the next episode, and maybe uncover some things that I don't know about him. And that's how I keep him alive and fresh for so long. I don't really rest on my laurels or take it for granted.

You've also made the biggest commitment you can by having a child.

That's true.

So what do you think marriage changes?

A lot. I mean, marriage changes everything. Our relationships change everything. Having children together changes everything. Walking out your door could change everything. It's a matter of how they react and deal with each other on a consistent basis and how they plan to work in the environment of being under a piece of paper.

And I assume this is not something that happens first episode in?

No, no, no. I don't know. There's no date set. I don't know when it's going to happen. All I know is that we're just going to roll it out?

Where do we pick up?

Oh, God. We pick up at pretty much in a lot of chaos and meeting a priest and someone from his past and CIA guy and blackmail. It's nuts. So I'm trying to figure things out here. It's a lot. So we see him pretty much really targeted to getting the job done and being able to try to find out where Pelant and being frustrated.

So that's the mystery?

Well, it's done in a very smart way. I don't think that one necessarily has to be able to see or not see him. It's a matter of how, when, when, and where.

When do we get closure?

We get closure sometime sooner versus later, I hope. I don't know exactly when that will happen. I think the time will happen in a dark, deserted highway, maybe, I don't know.

Do you know if Episode 2 is another mystery already?

We're undercover. Tony Scallion and Roxie are coming back. We go to a couple's retreat. A lot of closing of the eyes and meditating and then like looking up. Trust exercises, I guess.

After so many years, what's still exciting for you about playing your character?

I mean, the same thing that I had in the first episode of the pilot. It's a very in-the-now moment, and not looking too much in the future, and really carving out a specific niche for him. What he wears. How he's feeling. Where he's at presently. So the writers allow me to stretch him every episode, every scene, and you see a bit of him more in every scene and every episode, so that's what keeps me going.

How do you think he's changed, and why do you think he's ready for marriage?

Well, I mean, I think Booth is really more of a marriage kind of guy when it comes to his character. Brennan, how far she's come because of the unforeseen circumstances, he had to do what he had to do, but in no way will that change how he feels about marriage, how he wishes that he would marry. So we'll see what happens when it actually does happen.

Do you think it's a big white wedding?

I don't know. It may have elephants. It may be like the party. I don't know if Elvis will be there. There might been an impersonator, but it may not be Elvis.