David Foster Says Yolanda Is Only Doing RHoBH to “Have a Lifestyle and Fitness Show”
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

David Foster Says Yolanda Is Only Doing RHoBH to “Have a Lifestyle and Fitness Show”

Yolanda Foster was involved in quite a bit of drama on this week's episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Now, her normally mild-mannered husband, David Foster, has some harsh words for her co-stars not to mention that he's shedding light on why Yolanda is on RHoBH at all.

"[RHoBH] doesn’t affect me at all," David tells Nanaimo Daily News. "[Yolanda is] doing it for a specific reason, and her reason is that she wants to have a lifestyle and fitness show. She’s very good at it, and she’s very good at giving advice."

"She’s also been sick with Lyme disease for going on two years now, so she’s battling that, and she wants to tell her story," David adds. "So she thinks and she’s right that the Beverly Hills Housewives show is a platform for her to tell her Lyme story and to get her point across and then to catapult her to the show that she ultimately wants to do."

David says he doesn't understand why people watch RHoBH. "The Beverly Hills show, like she says, is just a bunch of clowns trying to make a living," David says. "It’s a show about nothing, basically, but people seem to like it. Yolanda seems to enjoy it, and I think she comes across very classy on the show and doesn’t really engage much in all the banter that goes on."

Wow! Harsh words from David. We're not sure if we agree with him about Yolanda not being involved in the show's drama, but we do agree that she's classy and that she would do great on a fitness show. We'd certainly watch it!

What do you think about David calling the ladies "clowns"? And would you watch a show hosted by Yolanda?

Source: Nanaimo Daily News