Scientology Leader David Miscavige Almost Assassinated
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Scientology Leader David Miscavige Almost Assassinated


Leah Remini claims she’s being constantly threatened by the Church of Scientology. Now the controversial religion’s leader is getting the same treatment.

Head honcho David Miscavige has been receiving assassination threats from a man named Andre Barkanov, and it seems everyone was right to be concerned.

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The individual, who was pretending to be a police officer, had live ammo, a badge holder, a gun magazine, and a holster in his home, TMZ reports. Cops found the incriminating evidence during a raid on his property.

Authorities arrested Andre after he made repeated violent phone calls to the main number of Scientology in July 2015.

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The man apparently made threats, including, “Tell David that we are going to kill him,” "We are going to assassinate Mr. Miscavige and every single one of you,” and "You tell your leader, who is an a—hole and a motherf—ker, he is going to be shot pretty soon."

Even more disturbing, the calls ended with a “calm and collected” sign-off of “thank you.”

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The Illinois-based suspect had previously been charged with impersonating a police officer.

For the several threats he made against David, Andre has been slapped with 12 counts of making criminal threats and one count of stalking.