The Originals Spoilers: Davina Returns in Season 1, Episode 15!
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The Originals

The Originals Spoilers: Davina Returns in Season 1, Episode 15!

We knew that Season 1, Episode 15 (“Le Grand Guignol”) of The Originals would be full of drama after Klaus learned of Rebekah and Marcel’s betrayal and there was the threat of Mikael bringing his evil self back in a flashback to 1919 — but we had no clue that this week’s episode would be a huge one for a certain little witch!

The Originals Spoilers: Davina Returns in Season 1, Episode 15!
Credit: Bob Mahoney and Tina Rowden/The CW © 2013 The CW Network    

Tonight’s episode began with Elijah on a mission to find Celeste in order to rid the world of her trickery. Soon after he set out to find his former lover, we saw Rebekah and Marcel make the shocking decision to come back to New Orleans and hunt down the witches in order to save Davina (Danielle Campbell). It seemed like the pieces were falling into place for the teenage witch’s resurrection — though it seemed like wishful thinking.

Marcel was successful in decapitating Bastiana while Elijah convinced Monique to bet on whether or not Celeste was actually on her side. When the suit-wearing Mikaelson and Celeste were in the graveyard at the end of the episode, leaving the Original trapped inside and Celeste getting free, it seemed like the jig was up. But then Celeste decided that it was time to sacrifice herself in order to inhabit yet another PYT (pretty young thing) — proving to Monique that Elijah was right all along.

As Elijah entered a mausoleum and found Celeste back in her original body, he pulled out the dark magic dagger and bid her farewell, stabbing her and ending her for good.

This led to a huge surprise over in the church attic where Marcel had taken Davina’s body, as the young witch took her first breath in quite a while.

She’s baaaaaack!!

Are you glad Davina is alive again? Hit the comments and let us know what you think about the shocking turn of events!

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