Day Care Worker Accused of Drugging Children to Sleep, Bragging About It to Her Friend
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Day Care Worker Accused of Drugging Children to Sleep, Bragging About It to Her Friend

If you see something, say something, right? New York Daily News reports that a friend of a day care worker received a chilling video of drugged children sleeping “perfectly still” during their naptime and she made the decision to contact police about their dangerous condition. Her friend had sent her the video claiming to have drugged the kids, ages 2 to 5, with Benadryl for naptime.

Tammy Eppley, a central Ohio day care worker, is accused of slipping crushed Benadryl tablets and melatonin, a sleep aid hormone, into pancake batter and feeding it to the kids for their pre-nap snack. “Tammy jokes about one of the children almost discovering her actions by remarking that the sprinkles on some cupcakes tasted funny,” police wrote.

Eppley maintains that the parents of the children gave her the green light to administer the drugs because some of the kids were hyperactive. She says the police are “obsessed” with pursuing the charges.

“Such cases of allegations made against teachers or day care workers are appropriately assessed by Children Services for their validity but in this case we are no longer investigating,” the Franklin County Children Services said in a statement about a probe they performed of the institution in May.

Eppley says she had never intended to harm the children, and indeed none of her wards were reported injured from the medication. She told CBS affiliate WBNS-TV, “My whole heart feels good when I’m with them.”

Source: New York Daily News, WBNS-TV

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06.19.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Emmalie Vance
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