Daytime Rubdowns, Nighttime Rumbles, and More WTF Moments from The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 5, Episode 7
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Daytime Rubdowns, Nighttime Rumbles, and More WTF Moments from The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 5, Episode 7

Things got hot and heavy on Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and not just because the gang was in Anguilla. The episode went from hot tub oversharing to cold blooded name calling faster than you can say “donkey expo,” so read on for our top five WTF moments from Season 5, Episode 7: “I Do...But I Won’t.”

5. Feeling Hot! Hot! Hot!

The housewives called a momentary cease fire on the drama as they cleaned themselves up and sat down to a nice vacation dinner courtesy of Gregg Leakes. But in true housewife fashion, things quickly got dirty as the conversation soon turned to Kandi Burruss and boyfriend Todd’s midnight macking sesh. Kandi had no qualms about giving everyone, including a semi horrified Phaedra Parks, a play-by-play of how they christened the communal hot tub, and then treated viewers to a little post-coital viewing via home video. Not really the mental picture we were expecting, but glad our girl is getting some!

4. Rubdown Rundown

A day spent getting a full body massage inches from the Anguillan coast is probably one of the most relaxing activities around. Lucky for us though, NeNe Leakes had other plans on Sunday’s episode when she challenged Kenya Moore’s relationship with her boo Walter. While the other ladies got rubbed down, these two got riled up, each hell bent on proving the other wrong. NeNe questioned whether Kenya was marriage material, and even though Kenya fired back with the fact that she had been engaged a mind boggling six times, we’re not sure if that means she won or lost this round.

3. Cynthia and Peter Sitting In A Tree

It’s easy to get caught up in all the more unsavory moments that the Atlanta girls give us, so we like to take a break every so often and highlight an “Aww” moment in between the WTF madness. This week, that came in the form of the utterly gorgeous vow renewal ceremony of Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas. Disguised as a regular old white party to the unsuspecting bride, the simple scene took her (and our) breath away once all was finally revealed, and the two finally got the chance to do it right.

2. Porsha and Kenya: Round Two

But that was enough niceties for one episode, because as soon as the ladies shed their Sunday white, they pulled out their eye scratching claws. Sitting around the pool having a nightcap, Porsha Stewart and Kenya seemed to be finally making up but then somehow ended up screaming in each other’s faces. Threats of face punching, cliff throwing, and lawyer calling were exchanged, and NeNe ended up having to play middle man between the two. And when NeNe’s the voice of reason, you know things have really gotten out of hand.

1. Kenya’s Windy Farewell

Kenya threw out some zingers during the showdown, and while she reminded us countless times that she’s still “runway” ready, our biggest takeaway from the fight was the way it ended. Barring some pretty serious crazy eyes, Kenya looked no worse for the wear in her flowy sleeping evening gown and made sure to comment on it. Giving the other housewives a beauty pageant farewell, the former Miss U.S.A. twirled back to bed, claiming to be ‘“Gone WIth The Wind” fabulous.’ OK, Kenya, time to exit stage left.