Dean McDermott’s Rehab Will Help Tori Spelling “Understand Why He Did This”
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Dean McDermott’s Rehab Will Help Tori Spelling “Understand Why He Did This”

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are not giving up on their marriage — not without at least one more battle to save it.

Dean recently checked into rehab "to address some health and personal issues," one month after major cheating allegations filled The Rumor Mill.

A source told People that rehab was basically a "drastic" last option, since they had already tried therapy. They have four children together, so at least they are fighting to make this work.

People and its source never specify what Dean is seeking treatment for, but a source previously told Life & Style that Tori told Dean she'll leave him if he doesn't get help for sex addiction.

As People's source put it, "He's now willing to be treated. It's something that he can't control. It gives her a chance to understand why he did this and to not take it personally."

She's probably going to take it personally either way, and the source added that rehab is more like stopping a gushing wound than finding a cure. It'll take a lot longer to heal "and there will be scars that will never go away."

Tori and Dean were already married to other people when they met on the set of the TV movie Mind Over Murder. Dean has a son with his ex-wife Mary Jo Eustace, who later wrote a book called Divorce Sucks: What to Do When Irreconcilable Differences, Lawyer Fees, and Your Ex's Hollywood Wife Make You Miserable.

Do you believe Dean can and will change his ways, or is this just "something that he can't control"?

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