True Blood Death: Carrie Preston Reacts to Todd Lowe’s Departure
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True Blood

True Blood Death: Carrie Preston Reacts to Todd Lowe’s Departure

While Terry's death on last week’s episode of True Blood certainly left us audience members reeling, we weren’t the only ones affected; the entire cast reacted to the loss like a punch to the guts. In interviews leading up to the dramatic departure of Todd Lowe from the cast, each cast member spoke in oblique terms about big changes coming. Now Carrie Preston — who we can now say plays Terry’s widow (*sob*), Arlene — has spoken out about what it was like to watch her on-screen hubby go.

Preston had long intimated this season marked a return to the human element of the show. “What is making this season so special,” she told Entertainment Weekly in a recent interview, “is that it’s also going back to [the idea that] the worst thing in this world is humans. In Season 1, Rene [Michael Raymond-James] was the murderer, and he was human. Then we went off for many seasons into the worlds of the supernatural, and now we’re back into the world of the humans — both glorifying them in the relationship with Terry and Arlene, and vilifying them with the Governor and the Vamp Camp.”

Losing a co-worker like Lowe was not easy for Preston. But she believed in the importance of the story and trusted the writers, which made saying her fare-thee-wells to Lowe a tad easier than it could have been otherwise. “We put ourselves in the hands of the writers and we trust them,” says Preston. “And I think the way they chose to have that moment happen was very poignant and not like anything else that happened on the show.”

Terry may be gone, but he certainly won’t be forgotten. This is no normal plot-bump, and his death will certainly have ramifications. We can’t wait to see how it develops. Could Zombie-Terry be in our future? ....Probably not.

Catch the next episode of True Blood on Sunday, July 28, 2013 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on HBO.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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