Jersey Shore’s Deena Nicole Cortese: Where Is the “Blast in a Glass” Now?
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Jersey Shore’s Deena Nicole Cortese: Where Is the “Blast in a Glass” Now?

“Party times two!” Snooki shouted when she first stepped into the Shore House with her meatball partner in crime, Deena Nicole Cortese. Party times two, indeed. Snooks and Deena infamously tore up Seaside Heights in a series of crazy meatball adventures, “merping” all the way. They day-drank all the livelong day in Italy, met tons of new friends (and a few enemies!), and had a “blast in a glass” until everything screeched to a halt when Snooki announced she was pregnant. In lieu of her meatball friend Snooki, Deena made it her mission to have meatball days by herself, resulting in her getting arrested for public intoxication. Yikes!

Luckily, everything turned out fine, and Deena met someone else to partner up with: her boyfriend, Chris Buckner, who she was anxious to be away from on the final season of Jersey Shore. Even though she had a huge crush on her BFF Pauly D, which resulted in some truly awkward moments, the two decided to just be friends in the end. (Personally, we feel Chris is a far superior match for Deena!) So now that the show is over, what is Deena Nicole up to now?

Jersey Shore’s Deena Nicole Cortese: Where Is the “Blast in a Glass” Now?
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We’re happy to report that Deena and Chris are still together and going strong. The two recently enjoyed a super romantic trip together in Aruba, spending their days going on adventures and their nights eating dinner by candlelight on the beach. To prepare for the big trip, Deena worked super hard to slim down and get in the best bikini-ready shape possible, and all the hard work paid off! She’s always been beautiful, but we’re happy for Deena since she’s achieved her goal weight and dream body. Plus, she’s cut back on the drinking since the Shore!

In addition to hanging out with her boyfriend, Deena made her debut as a runway model at New York Fashion Week, where she rocked the “reality show” runway in February to help raise money for AIDS UNITED. Go, Deena!

Not to mention, she’s been present at all of the cast reunions, and even helped Snooki confront New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for his inflammatory comments about the cast during the re-opening of Seaside Heights! Deena also got into a Twitter spat with Angelina after “Jolie” accused her and Snooki of hooking up with every guy in the house. Of course, Deena responded gracefully and put Angelina in her place.

Are you surprised at how far Deena’s come since the show? What do you hope she does next? Share below!

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