Kim Zolciak Defends Daughter Brielle: She Hasn’t Had Alcohol!
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Kim Zolciak

Kim Zolciak Defends Daughter Brielle: She Hasn’t Had Alcohol!

Kim Zolciak and her husband, football player Kroy Biermann, rarely ever argue, and even when they do it’s usually a short-lived, playful tiff.

However, on the most recent episode of Don’t Be Tardy, Brielle was desperate to get out of her family’s Destin, Florida rental and spend time with her friends, which prompted Kroy to question what the teen is getting up to when she’s not under Kim’s watchful eye. Kroy told his wife that he doubts Brielle is honest with her all the time, and although he didn’t say that Elle was experimenting with drugs or alcohol, his declaration didn’t sit well with Kimmie.

In her latest blog post for, Kim explains, “When Kroy and I started talking about Brielle, it was simply because I had received a text message from a parent who said as long as Brielle was going to be at this party they were letting their child go. I told Kroy how proud of Brielle I am. I of course think Brielle is perfect in every way, however am I by no means naive.”

The mama of six may say she’s not naive, but her assertion that “Brielle has not had alcohol” has us a little suspect. “I believe her when she tells me that,” Kim declares, but like Kroy we find it hard to believe that a soon-to-be high school senior hasn’t even tried a beer or sipped a rum and coke. Still, Kim knows Brielle best, so we suppose we just have to take her word for it.

Explaining Kroy’s position, Kim writes, “What Kroy was simply trying to tell me is, we don't know 100% because we are not with her 24/7, where as I was trying to say we know Brielle and she could never hold that back from us (especially me). We talk about everything and we have a very open relationship.”

For his part, Kroy has since come out praising Brielle, noting that he is “incredibly proud” of her. Not surprisingly, Kim readily agrees, calling Brielle “a very focused, strong girl who has always been a leader, and for that I am proud.” What’s more? Kim hopes her five younger kiddos will follow in their big sister’s footsteps. “I have five others I hope to raise the same way,” she concludes.

Do you believe that Brielle has never had a drink, or is Kim just being naive? Sound off below!


08.5.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Samantha Leffler
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