Brandi Glanville Defends “Homeless” Comments, Says She Lived in Her Car
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Brandi Glanville

Brandi Glanville Defends “Homeless” Comments, Says She Lived in Her Car

It must be a day ending with “y,” because Brandi Glanville is riling people up once again. This particular debacle started with a simple tweet on May 15: “Word to the wise- if you dont want to be homeless maybe don't date your real estate agent! #thisiscrazy.” Brandi, of course, was talking about her split from ex-boyfriend Jonathan Ruiz, a realtor at The Agency (which is owned by Kyle Richards’ husband Mauricio Umansky). However, fans took issue with Brandi’s somewhat insensitive choice of words.

“Just WOW! saying that she is "Homeless" is so over the top! She doesn't know what that means! #crymeariver,” responded Twitter user @LuvTreNJuicy. Brandi, being Brandi, did not take this accusation lying down. “ive [sic] lived in my car bitch- dont act like u know everything about me,” Brandi fired back.

We know Brandi’s got a colorful past, and it definitely seems like a sensitive situation. We watched Brandi find a place with Jonathan on the Season 4 premiere of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but she had to restart the house hunt in December 2013, and it looks like the situation has only gotten more complex for poor Brandi. But, Brandi? A word to the wise: Living in a hotel isn’t being “homeless.”

Did Brandi take things too far with her “homeless” comment? Do you love her antics? Tell us in the comments!