NeNe Leakes Defends Her Opinions, Thinks Cynthia Bailey Was Throwing Shade
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NeNe Leakes

NeNe Leakes Defends Her Opinions, Thinks Cynthia Bailey Was Throwing Shade

In a surprising twist on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, two of the cast's closest women turned on each other when they disagreed on parenting styles, of all things. Cynthia Bailey ended up in tears after NeNe Leakes made her feel like a bad mother for allowing her daughter, Noelle, to date.

NeNe has since taken to her Bravo blog to defend her actions and stick to her guns.

"Cynthia is very clear on where I stand about teenage dating (13-year-old dating to be exact)! This was not Cynthia's first time hearing me say that. In fact I have said it many times to her," NeNe insisted, adding, "I think it's too young, and I won't be changing my opinion EVER! Not for Cynthia, not for you, not for anybody!"

Furthermore, NeNe clarified that her comments weren't a direct attack on Cynthia as a parent, just her opinion.

"I think we are both great parents. I just think we have different ideas on what parenting is. If you don't want to hear others’ opinions, don't bring up the topic that you find to be sooo touchy!" NeNe wrote.

She then went on to point out that Cynthia's comment about not wanting to pick up a grandchild was a dig at NeNe's own status as a grandmother.

"Cynthia also said she would rather be picking up Arthur than picking up a grand baby. Were you trying to throw shade, Cynthia?" NeNe wondered, concluding, "Well it didn't work, because I would rather my 13-year-old pick up a book than the telephone to plan their next date!"

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Source: BravoTV Blog