Zak Waddell Gives Desiree Hartsock the Ring He Bought in Atlantic City!
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The Bachelorette

Zak Waddell Gives Desiree Hartsock the Ring He Bought in Atlantic City!

UPDATE: During Zak's Season 9 Hometown Dates moment with Desiree in Texas, he gave her the ring he bought and they kissed. Will they last forever?

You know how relationships progress on The Bachelorette: First comes the limo entrance, then comes the kiss, then comes some random buying a gift for Desiree Hartsock before the two have ever even had a date. Or, at least that’s how Season 9 has been for Texan Zak Waddell, who apparently spirited away on Episode 4 to buy Des a ring.

Wow, buddy, way to not waste any time!

In the clip, Zak sneaks away from the pack to some pawn shop, and they must’ve been fresh out of used journals, because he chose to buy her a ring instead.

“We definitely went to another level,” Zak explains of his motivation for hopping out of the hotel in Atlantic City while Des was off on a 1-on-1 with another suitor. “I think I’m trying to find... a ring,” he tells the pawn shop lady.

What is he looking for? Um, that’s the problem. “I don’t know what she likes...” Well, that should probably be your first clue that a diamond ring isn’t quite the right present to give just yet. But worry not, Zak fans who are afraid that pouring on too much too soon will drive Des away from his muscular arms.

“I’m starting to fall in love with this girl, and something that has a message that I can present to her later is really what I’m looking for,” Zak says. Okay phew — he’s not gonna pull it out of his jacket during the cocktail party. The ring they pick out together is just like Des: “sweet” and “understated.”

Although it’s touching that Zak is thinking about Des even while she’s making out with another dude, need we remind him that if he does make it to the finale, he’ll have some serious competition? Namely, presenting her with a New Jersey pawn shop ring he picked off a tray that also contains something we wore to a middle school dance might not stand up against the standard Neil Lane sparklers Bachelorettes are presented with. Just sayin’.

Source: ABC