Delta Airlines Apologizes to Mom For “Misinformed” Breastfeeding Policy Tweets
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Delta Airlines Apologizes to Mom For “Misinformed” Breastfeeding Policy Tweets

Lindsay Jaynes of Newport Beach, California probably thought she was being extra-organized when she did a pre-flight inquiry with Delta Airlines about their breastfeeding policy, but the new mom had no idea she’d actually set off a social media firestorm when the carrier told her she’d be required to “cover up” or she wouldn’t be allowed to breastfeed her 10-week-old son in flight.

According to Today Moms, Lindsay, using her handle @ClassicHippie, tweeted @DeltaAssist to ask what their exact policy was, explaining that her infant son would not take a bottle or nurse with a cover on. Delta tweeted back, “Unfortunately you’re not able to nurse if you don’t have a cover, sorry,” in response.

When Lindsay in turn replied that her flight was six hours long and that her baby boy needed to eat every two hours, she received this reply, “I would suggest pumping if you can and bringing it on board with you. You are allowed to bring breast milk on board.” When Lindsay pushed to see Delta’s actual written policy, she was told she couldn’t. The policy also doesn’t appear on the company’s website, which is also true of most commercial airlines.

After seeing the tweets, several moms chimed in with outrage, prompting the issue to go viral. Delta, no doubt seeing a huge public relations mess, promptly tweeted an apology to Lindsay, stating that they welcome breastfeeding mothers and were sorry about the earlier “misinformation.”

When asked to comment, company spokesman Michael Thomas told NBC News, “Delta as well as our employees fully support a woman’s right to breastfeed her babies on our aircraft. While we did have a customer who was given wrong information by an employee, it’s important to note that the legal right to breastfeed on board our aircraft is something that’s honored by our flight attendants..."

Talk about covering up, Delta!

Source: Today Moms

02.26.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Teddie McCormick
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