Demi Lovato is Doing WHAT for her 21st Birthday?
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Demi Lovato is Doing WHAT for her 21st Birthday?

Today is Demi Lovato’s 21st birthday and we're wondering what gal pal has planned for her big day! Somehow we don’t think she’s up to the stereotypical 21er. (Smart girl. Nobody likes to be hungover.)

As it turns out, Dems, who entered rehab in 2010 to address issues of self-harm, bulimia, and addiction, will be spending her 21st on the other side of the world. But rather than dancing on tables and chugging overpriced cocktails, Demi plans on volunteering, thus further proving that she really is cooler than the average pop star (no offense, Selena Gomez. Your party looked great.)

“I’m actually going to go to Africa,” she told radio station 95.5 WPLJ last month. “I feel like the best way to celebrate anyone’s birthday is giving back and helping others.” And it sounds like she’s already on her way! Demi tweeted on August 14, “Headed to Africa!!!!!!!!” Bon voyage, Dems!

But really can we give this girl a round of applause?! She’s always finding some new way to improve the lives of others. Even while dealing with the death of her biological father, Demi thought of how good could come from bad and started a treatment scholarship fund in her dad’s honor.

Where’d Demi get the idea behind the trip? The invite for the charity event seemed like a sign from a higher power, she explained.

“[The event] just happened to fall on my 21st birthday, so I was like, ‘Okay. Yep, I get it! I’ll go to Africa,’” Demi said while pointing toward the sky and, you know, God.

As of right now, she’ll be enjoying her first visit to the continent alongside her mom and sister Dallas. She’s not sure of the details behind her charity work yet but is “excited” for the trip. And we’re excited for the Instagram photos sent straight from the savanna.

Don’t expect any pics with alcohol though. As Demi recently told a wannabe X Factor contestant, she no longer drinks.

“People are very blessed to even make it to 21, so the last thing I think anyone should be doing on their birthday is poisoning themselves,” she explained as we nodded our heads in agreement while slipping the Smirnoff's back into the desk drawer.

Source: WPLJ

07.8.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Elisabeth Kramer
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