Glee Season 5: Will Demi Lovato Be in the Cory Monteith Tribute?
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Glee Season 5: Will Demi Lovato Be in the Cory Monteith Tribute?

If we had it our way, Demi Lovato (Dani) would take a cue from Klaine, ‘ship with Santana (Naya Rivera) til forever, and would become a permanent part of the Glee cast. Honestly, it doesn’t seem like a lot to ask. All she would have to do is quit X Factor, where she currently serves as the best mentor in the crew, call off her upcoming late-winter US tour, and hold Naya Rivera’s (Santana) hand for all of eternity.

But since all that seems like it would take more than our wishes, we just have one question: Will Demi be in Glee’s Cory Monteith (Finn) tribute airing October 10?

The short answer? No. In fact, though her character first shows up in Season 5, Episode 2, her stint on the Fox show will not be continuous from here on out. And though we want her to exist in Glee’s New York forever, it would be inappropriate for her to appear in such an emotionally-heavy episode. Dani didn’t know Finn, and she will only have known love interest Santana for one episode, so she wouldn’t be the right choice for emotional support.

Though Amber Riley (Mercedes), Harry Shum Jr. (Mike), and Mark Salling (Puck) will all be back for the episode (for which we are currently stockpiling tissues), Heather Morris (Brittany) and Dianna Agron (Quinn Fabray) won’t be there. Though we understand that HeMo was too far along in her pregnancy to appear, it just seems wrong that Dianna — who we met as Finn’s girlfriend in Episode 1 — wasn’t asked to come back for it.

Are you surprised Demi’s character won’t appear? Are you excited for her to join the cast? Sound off in the comments.

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