Demi Lovato Joins Glee: 5 Songs She Should Sing (VIDEOS)
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Demi Lovato Joins Glee: 5 Songs She Should Sing (VIDEOS)

Glee is welcoming a talented triple threat in Season 5 as Demi Lovato joins the cast for at least six episodes, and we couldn’t be more excited. We’ve already rounded up three things we want to see during her arc — including a strong friendship with Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) — and thus far, we know she’ll be in one of the Beatles tribute episodes and she’ll be collaborating with Adam Lambert’s character.

Considering her role as X Factor judge and chart-topping pop singer, we’ve rounded up five songs we’d love for her to sing on the show. Read on for our suggestions, then hit the comments with your own!

1. Rihanna’s “Stay” — Duet with Adam Lambert

This wouldn’t work for their characters, we’re sure, but have you heard both Demi and Adam cover the song? Both renditions are incredible, and the harmonies would be out of this world. So, for that, we wouldn’t mind them randomly trying out a song together instead of the lyrics having a lot of meaning. It could work for an emotional scene in which you barely see them on-screen, but could also just be used to showcase their talents.

2. The Beatles’ “Blackbird”

Yes, Kurt sang this back in Season 2 and it still remains a Klaine favorite, but for the Beatles-centric episodes (one of which Demi will appear in), we think they could bring it back. She would bring a different flair to the song, and if Kurt was in the scene, it could even turn into a glorious duet. Her voice is perfectly suited for it, though if we had to choose a second runner-up, it would be “Dear Prudence.” Of course, if she’s going to be a struggling artist in NYC, we can totally see her busking on the street, singing “While My Guitar Gently Weeps.” Oh, and lastly? Rumor has it that she'll duet "Here Comes the Sun" with Santana. We're nervous, yet excited at the prospect.

3. Kelly Clarkson’s “Long Shot”

One of Kelly Clarkson’s lesser-known songs could be used in an inspired moment as Demi’s character vies for a role or opportunity, or perhaps even to encourage Rachel. The track was penned by Katy Perry, and we think that Demi could mix together both renditions with her smooth, yet raspy voice.

4. Sara Bareilles’ “Brave” — Duet with Lea Michele

In a similarly-inspired moment, we can imagine Demi and Lea belting out “Brave” (or even going for a mash-up with Katy Perry’s “Roar” — bring on the controversy!) together as they prepare for a big audition or another nerve-racking experience. This could end up being a group number, too, but we’d be content with just the two of them. Can you imagine those harmonies?

5. Ellie Goulding’s “Burn”

Ellie is a difficult artist to cover (see: Season 4’s cover of “Anything Could Happen”), but we have a feeling Demi could put her own spin on this song and wow everyone. It would take a little retooling because their ranges are different, but it would be absolutely incredible.