Demi Lovato Using Bipolar Diagnosis to Sell Video Game Is Tacky AF
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Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato Using Bipolar Diagnosis to Sell Video Game Is Tacky AF


Demi Lovato has us shaking our heads over here.

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Normally we're huge Lovatics, but the "Stone Cold" singer's latest venture — or rather her approach to publicizing it — has us giving her some serious side eye.

Demi Lovato at the 2016 Billboard music awards at the T-Mobile arena in Las Vegas
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Always open about her struggles with mental illness and eating disorders, Demi recently spoke with People magazine about the stigmas around mental health issues and ways to cope.

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And we are all for that. Where it gets weird is when she basically pimps her Demi Lovato Zombarazzie Adventure iPhone game as a coping technique.

"It's cool to be able to come out with games for phones that can maybe be a distraction for someone when they're thinking about doing something that can be harmful to themselves," she said of her app.

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While any therapist will agree distraction is a key coping strategy for dealing with anxiety or self-harm, we're not gonna sugarcoat: this move is tacky AF, Dem.

Maybe if you were selling a self-help book filled with coping tools and advice we'd overlook the self-promotion, but a game that involves slaying zombie paparazzi? Girl, bye.

Thankfully, the bulk of the 24-year-old’s interview focuses on her involvement with Be Vocal: Speak Up for Mental Health, a campaign that joins five leading mental health organizations in the pursuit of ending the stigma that people diagnosed with mental health conditions often experience.

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“This partnership means a lot to my fans because so many of my fans are dealing with mental illness, whether it’s depression or bipolar disorder or even schizophrenia,” the "Confident" singer said.

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“I have fans that deal with all sorts of mental illnesses so this is very important to them.”

More of this and less hawking of silly iPhone games, please.