Demi Lovato Joins Glee Season 5: 3 Things We Want to See
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Demi Lovato Joins Glee Season 5: 3 Things We Want to See

Glee is welcoming an exciting new face to Season 5: Demi Lovato! The singer and X Factor judge is set for at least six episodes starting this fall (during the Beatles tribute ep, no less) and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

While details about her arc are still under wraps, we know she’ll be a “struggling artist friend of Rachel and Santana’s” and she’ll interact with Adam Lambert’s character, too, performing “several musical numbers” together. Basically, the dream team is happening.

To prepare for the impending Season 5, we’ve rounded up three things we want to see from Demi. Read on for our wish list, then hit the comments with your thoughts!

1. Being a friend — not frenemy or enemy — for Rachel. Throughout Glee’s four seasons, Rachel has had her fair share of frenemies and full-on enemies, but not a lot of genuine friends from the get-go. This isn’t to say that her Lima pals don’t love her, but she tends to be tricked and stomped on more than befriended, and having Demi’s character admire her and treat her like a true blue friend would be great — bonus points if she was inspired by Rachel. It may be a little tricky since Adam is apparently playing Kurt’s rival, but they’ll work it out.

2. So. Much. Singing. Don’t get us wrong —  we adore Demi. However, she’s admittedly better at singing than acting (she’s had more experience in the former!) and we would love her arc to be centred around music. It makes sense, and there are plenty of opportunities for duets with Rachel, Santana, and Adam Lambert’s character. Maybe they could all work on a side project together (all-girl group under Adam’s guidance, perhaps?) à la X Factor’s Fifth Harmony. Full circle, people!

3. An open-ended arc that leaves room for a return. Given that she has “at least six episodes” ahead of her, we’d love her arc to be open-ended. She’s a busy gal, so we understand that Demi can’t become a series regular, but she could pop in now and then as Rachel’s new NYC bestie, or part of her burgeoning career. Since Lea and Demi are real-life friends (see: their adorable Twitter lovefest), this makes for an easy on-and-off-screen relationship. Both X Factor and Glee are FOX shows, so it makes for easy scheduling.

What do you want to see from Demi on Glee Season 5? Sound off below!

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