Demi Lovato on Glee: Is She Not Getting Enough Screentime?
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Demi Lovato on Glee: Is She Not Getting Enough Screentime?

No one can deny that Glee has a lot of characters, and it’s certainly no easy task to get them all a proper amount of screentime. However, given that Glee managed to land an in-demand and ridiculously talented celeb like Demi Lovato (Dani) for a multi-episode arc, you’d think she would be onscreen as much as possible. Sadly, that hasn’t really been the case.

Granted, Demi was on the show this week, but she only had dialogue in one scene, and we’re not really learning anything new about her character. So the question is: Does Demi’s character deserve more screentime, or is she getting an appropriate amount for a guest star?

She needs more screentime!

Demi Lovato on Glee: Is She Not Getting Enough Screentime?
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It’s easy to make the case that Demi needs to appear in a lot more scenes and be given more interesting storylines than just serving as Santana’s arm candy. After all, Demi has barely scratched the surface of her acting ability on Glee and is rarely given the chance to be funny.

Plus, nothing against Adam Lambert, but he is getting way more time on the show than Demi is. Given that a bajillion other shows would love to have Demi on the cast, Glee clearly shouldn’t waste her!

She’s getting the right amount of scenes

If Demi got more screentime, someone would have to lose screentime and who would that be? Sure, some Glee fans would argue that the McKinley storylines are getting a bit tired. But with graduation right around the corner, it does make sense to give those characters a proper chance to say goodbye to high school. And over in NYC, we’re loving Rachel and Santana’s Funny Girl battle. So it’s hard to know which plots could be trimmed.

She’s actually getting too much screentime

Then, there are probably those naysayers who never wanted Dani to drop by in the first place. In fact, we’re guessing these people probably can’t envision Santana with anyone besides Brittany. And after seeing that Dani stayed in Kurt and Starchild’s band even though Santana wasn’t in it, we’re indeed wondering if those two are really all that perfect for each other.

OK, so you’ve now heard a case made for each side. Now, it’s time to let us know: Do you want more, less, or the same amount of Dani?

I want to see more Demi!

How things are now is fine.

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