Credit: Demi Lovato on Instagram Photo: X Factor Judge Demi Lovato Goes Makeup-Free in Surprising Selfie

Last week, Demi Lovato made her debut on Glee as Dani, a gorgeous NYC musician who will be Santana’s (Naya Rivera) new love interest. Calling herself a “sapphic goddess,” Dani made her affections for Santana known and even planted a kiss on her by the end of the night.

Now, a DJ from Australia is claiming that Demi’s new lady-loving character might be a lot closer to real life than many people assume. Ruby Rose, a purple-haired DJ from Down Under, says that she and Demi slept together, Radar Online reports.

On October 6, the 27-year-old Ruby Rose tweeted that she was going to “take a few days off social media” while friends of Demi’s “attack” her for being “a ‘scorned ex-lover’.”

She added, “get over it!! I liked the hair.” Later, on Instagram, Ruby wrote, “”I’m like the one person demi has slept with that didn’t sell [no] naked photos of her so eff off.” She has since deleted the tweet and the Instagram post, but Radar has screengrabs of both.

Though Demi’s Glee character is a lesbian, this is the first we’ve heard that the actress herself may be bisexual. Demi famously dated Joe Jonas back in 2010, and these days, she’s constant dodging rumors that she and ex Wilmer Valderrama may have gotten back together.

So far, Demi hasn’t addressed the rumors of her girl-on-girl hookup. So what do you think: Do you buy Ruby’s story that she and Demi had a fling, or are you not so sure?

SourceRadar Online