Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Staff

Demi Lovato admitted long ago that her struggles with drug abuse and an eating disorder could be largely attributed to growing up too fast because of her career as an actress and singer. And in a new interview with Nylon, she reveals how her “work hard, play hard” mentality came back to bite her in the end.

“My parents tried to control me, but I’d be like, ‘Oh really? I’m grounded? Well, I pay the bills,’” Demi admits. “They did the best they could. And I think that’s why a lot of young stars struggle when they’re making money or providing for their family.”

Being the main breadwinner in your house as a teenager? Yeah, we can definitely see where that could make the lines of authority between parents and their children a little blurry.

And because she was launched into adulthood at such a young age, Demi tried to handle things as if she was an adult, even though she wasn’t quite ready for that kind of responsibility.

“My mentality was work hard, play hard,” Demi says. “It was hard to listen to the word ‘no.’ I wanted to make my own rules. I thought that if I was adult enough to get there, then I could party like an adult. And obviously, I couldn’t.”

Now that she’s moved past her self-proclaimed “nervous breakdown” and has used what she’s gone through as a way to help her fans through their own battles with drug abuse and depression, she doesn’t want her past mistakes to be what people remember about her in the future.  

“I would like to separate myself from being the girl who overcame her issues, or the Disney chick who ended up in rehab while she was still on Disney,” Demi says. “I don’t want people to hear my songs on the radio and be like, ‘Oh, that’s the girl who cut.’”

Source: Nylon via People