Nobody’s perfect, and no one knows that better than The X Factor mentor/judge Demi Lovato, who recently discussed her past addiction to cocaine. In fact, we kind of feel like Demi’s talking directly to us whenever she comes clean about something — especially because we catalog every word she says in our journal.

But in order to keep all of our feelings and thoughts straight about the “Neon Lights” singer, we’ve divided her wisdom into five key areas.

1. Don’t Stop Smiling, Even if You Don’t Win

Demi is in her second year as a judge and mentor on The X Factor, and it’s a tricky place to be in. On one hand, her job is to take a bunch of talented but largely inexperienced singers and whip them into shape. On the other, she has to kick off all but one of the aspiring stars who come through her stage. Both stints she’s been given have been toughies, with all of her acts eliminated before the finale. Still, Demi gives out amazing advice and keeps on cheering on the contestants, even though none of them will win her the glory.

2. It’s Always Real Talk O’Clock

Credit: FOX

Between her feedback to X Factor contestants and interviews with magazines, Dems is always down to sling some wisdom, regardless of what people think. So, you don’t like it when she says that your contestant was simultaneously flat, overproduced, and looked like a burnt-out '80s star reborn? Tough, because that’s the truth, son.

3. Learn From the Past, Then Put it Behind You

Writing songs about your past is sometimes the best way to make your demons seem less scary. But sometimes it can just sound preachy or boring, and other songs make you sound like you’re bragging about what you did (Looking at you, Swifty). Demi’s songs all feel cathartic, and that makes us feel like we can borrow some of her resolve to get over our own stuffs.

4. You Catch More Flies With Honey, or Whatever

Credit: Chelsea Lauren/Getty Stringer; Kevin Winter/Getty Images

When Joe Jonas came out with the story that he smoked pot with Demi and didn’t want to break up with her because of her addiction, well…let’s just say we wouldn’t have said “no worries!” about the whole thing. Demi wasn’t pissed, but she didn’t let it go, either. After telling people things were fine, she did tell Joe, “Look I’m not mad at you, but you need to choose your words more carefully next time,” before adding “beware, because I’m writing my tell-all now.” Sweetly, of course…

5. Come Out on Top

Being famous for struggling is depressing. Being famous for being a good singer is quotidian. Being famous is temporary. But Demi has been famous for most of her life, and it’s because she knows that she’s the best, at a lot of things. Whether she’s crafting a line of nail polishes to show off her signature edge, changing up her blazers and punk jackets to become a style icon, releasing incredible records, or writing inspiring books, she’s always got something up her spiked leather sleeve. And that makes us always excited to find out what she’ll do next.

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