Credit: Demi Lovato on Twitter

With her duties over on The X Factor officially over now that Season 3 has wrapped, Demi Lovato looks to be taking some much needed R&R. First on her list of relaxation activities: making breakfast. On Saturday, December 21, the former Disney star whipped up some scrambled eggs and was so proud of her culinary achievement she shared a photo of the final product.

One time.. I cooked breakfast,” she wrote alongside a picture of her grinning into the camera sans makeup.

Despite the fact that Dems is a bit disheveled what with her hoodie falling off one shoulder, her blue hair mussed, and her eyes still slightly puffy from sleep, girlfriend looks good. She also looks totally pleased with the cheesy wonders she’s got in her hands.

Quick question though, Demi: Who’s the other plate of eggs for? Probably the person behind the camera, right? But who would be over at Demi’s so early on a Saturday morning, hmm?

Let’s hope it’s the 21-year-old’s rumored boyfriend, Wilmer Valderrama. The former flames have been spotted out together during the last few months but neither has confirmed they’re officially rekindled. The closest Wilmer’s gotten is calling Demi “an incredible human being.” And she cooks!

Source: Demi Lovato on Twitter

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