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Demi Moore Reacts to Ex-Husband Ashton Kutcher’s Baby News (VIDEO)

Let’s put ourselves in Demi Moore’s high heels for a moment (an unlikely place to be, we know). Girlfriend’s just finalized her divorce after a drawn-out round of proceedings with ex Ashton Kutcher only to hear he’s expecting a little one with his brand new, much younger fiancée, 30-year-old Mila Kunis. That has to burn at least a little, right?

Wrong. Or so goes the story Demi’s making sure we all hear. Splash News reports the 51-year-old actress is supposedly feeling a “sense of closure” now that her hubby of eight years had gone and knocked up his new gal pal. Weird? We thought so too.

“She is taking it as well as one would take a situation like this,” a source explains. “She actually considers this moment to be closure. She never really expected to get back with Ashton but this pretty much seals the deal that the moment of her life with him is now officially completed.”

As glad as we are to have that obvious conclusion on the record, we’re not 100 percent sold Demi’s taking this as well as the undisclosed source claims. It was Demi who reportedly held up finalizing her divorce from Ashton until just four months ago, leading many to speculate she holds a grudge against the new love in her former man’s life.

What do you think? Is Demi handling this like a champ or seething somewhere in Hollywood?