Bethenny Frankel Denied Nightclub Access — Celeb Status Doesn’t Help!
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Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny Frankel Denied Nightclub Access — Celeb Status Doesn’t Help!

Fame and wealth can get you a lot of things, but apparently not access to NYC's TAO nightclub, as former Real Housewives of New York star Bethenny Frankel learned this weekend.

TMZ has video of Bethenny trying (and failing) to get into the swanky uptown nightclub. The bouncer isn't having it, and tells her that "the restaurant is around the corner." Bethenny continues her attempt to get into the party (we can hear her say "no, no, no, no," in response to the resturant comment, probably trying to explain that's not what she's looking for) and when talking fails, Bethenny attempts to unlatch the rope keeping her out. Again, the bouncer looks like he isn't having it, though the video ends before we can see the argument's conclusion.

TMZ talked to sources close to Bethenny, who explained that the reality star was invited to the party. There was a screw up, and her name wasn't on the list. So it sounds like Bethenny wasn't trying to wave her fame around to get special treatment or anything — she just wanted to go to an event she was invited to!

There's no info on what happened after this video was captured, but hopefully Bethenny was able to get in contact with someone at the event and have the mix-up fixed. That normally works better than trying to push your way past a burly bouncer!

Source: TMZ