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Miley Cyrus Denies Sex Tape: “I Never Filmed Myself” — Report (VIDEO)

She may have her NSFW moments, but Miley Cyrus hasn't gone all Paris Hilton/Kim Kardashian/Farrah Abraham — i.e. she says she doesn't have a sex tape out there.

At least, that's what a fan says Miley told her.

Yes, it's a super sketchy story, but it's one that's attracted a lot of attention on the interwebs of late, so we feel like we have to comment on it.

It all started on June 19 when a fan named Munera posted an epic essay on Tumblr under the title "My 1 Year of Being a Devoted Miley Cyrus Fan."

Munera says she got word that someone had hacked into Miley's iCloud account and had accessed a sex tape. Munera then sent Miley messages about it, and Miley supposedly replied: "I already know someone has a 'sex tape.' It's impossible [because] I've never filmed myself f—king. And if there is one, I was trapped, and then I'm a victim."

This superfan even has screengrabs of their iMessages conversation, but let's be real: These days a 5-year-old could create these kind of pics on Photoshop so that's not definitive proof.

Feel free to read Munera's rant — if you have ten hours — and judge the whole situation for yourself. But this is one story we're looking at with serious side-eye.

Source: MuneraMiley on Tumblr

06.23.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Dan Clarendon
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