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Derek Hough Calls Former DWTS Partners “My Ex-Wives” (VIDEO)

Dancing With the Stars pro Derek Hough is currently out and about promoting his new book, Taking the Lead: Lessons From a Life in Motion. In that book, he talks about a lot of things, including some of his former DWTS partners. Now, in a recent interview with HuffPost Live, he dished on his past partners even more — including saying if he has a favorite!

"Oh my gosh!" Derek replied. "I honestly can't say. They're literally like — I call them my ex-wives!" He joked that they'd kill him if he picked one person. Probably true!

He insisted, "Each partner taught me so much... I'm just eternally grateful for them. They're amazing, amazing women."

That said, he did admit that he particularly loved Kellie Pickler's accent, which "made [him] smile all day." It was pretty adorable, so we can't blame him for that.

He also discussed working with his most recent partner, Season 18 runner-up Amy Purdy, a paralympian who is missing both legs below the knees. Even though working with Amy obviously presented some unique challenges, Derek says it was “more inspiring” than challenging.

For even more from Derek about his past partners, check out the video above.