Derek Hough Defends Sister Julianne As DWTS Guest Judge: “She Definitely Leaves Her Mark”
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Derek Hough Defends Sister Julianne As DWTS Guest Judge: “She Definitely Leaves Her Mark”

Dancing With the Stars pro Derek Hough is always a diplomatic guy — except maybe for that one time back on Season 6 with Shannon Elizabeth, but he learned from that. Even if his sister Julianne Hough wasn't involved, he'd probably never take too strong a stand on a DWTS judging issue.

But once again, his sister is involved. Last season, the two-time pro champ-turned-guest judge made a comment about Mark Ballas — Derek's best friend — outshining his partner. This season, Julianne accused Maksim Chmerkovskiy of phoning in his Season 18 Switch Up dance with Danica McKellar.

Derek has been blogging every week for TV Guide, and he took a moment to address Julianne's latest controversy.

"I know everyone's talking about Julianne's comment to Maks,” Derek began. “That was just her opinion. I don't think anyone expected her to say that, but it's her opinion and it's neither right nor wrong. Judging is subjective. We see it all the time with Carrie Ann, Len and Bruno when they argue and disagree with each other. What one person might love and see as great, the other person might feel the opposite. Carrie Ann and Len didn't like Charlie and Peta's rumba, but Bruno and Julianne liked it. It's the same thing.”

Is it the same, though? A lot of fans were upset by Carrie Ann Inaba and Len Goodman’s comment that Peta’s Rumba choreography didn’t include enough Rumba content (and a few of the pros were upset too) but the Maks comment felt a bit more personal, at least from here. “Phone it in” is a loaded thing to say to a fellow professional.

“Was Julianne right in saying it?” Derek continued. “I think she was trying to be as honest as possible and that's how she felt about the routine. I think it could've been her trying to picture herself doing the routine and maybe she felt she wouldn't have been satisfied. It doesn't make it wrong or right. It's always uncomfortable when the pros are critiqued in any way. It feels personal and you try not to let it get to you or get defensive about it. Those are normal reactions, but you want to try to keep it together for the show. Whether or not you agree with Julianne, I think we can all agree that she definitely leaves her mark when she judges!”

Oh yes! We can agree there. Julianne has now given herself a reputation, it’s just odd how that reputation is for calling out her fellow pros for how they act, instead of just judging the celebs themselves. If she returns for Season 19, we’ll have to expect more fireworks.

Do you agree with Derek that Julianne was just expressing her opinion and it’s neither right nor wrong?

Source: TV Guide