Derek Hough: I’m Confident My Back Will Be OK, There’s No Double Elimination on Dancing With the Stars Week 7
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Dancing With The Stars

Derek Hough: I’m Confident My Back Will Be OK, There’s No Double Elimination on Dancing With the Stars Week 7

Derek Hough is here to calm two of our fears about this Monday, October 28's Dancing With the Stars Season 17, Week 7.

Amber Riley said he'd been having such bad back problems she had to rehearse with Henry Byalikov as Derek choreographed from the sidelines. She wasn't sure if Derek would be up for their two dances this week — an individual Paso Doble and the team dance to "What Does the Fox Say?"

We were also concerned about a double elimination after last week's voting snafu led to no one going home. DWTS teased some kind of big announcement and we wondered if they meant two couples would leave this week, to make up for that change.

However, in Derek's TV Guide blog, he wrote about his injury and his lack of surprise at the non-elimination. "That was a good call. It was the only thing they could do after putting up the wrong numbers. I didn't really know it was coming until the end based on the way they called everyone safe, but some of the cast had a feeling earlier that no one would go home. But there's no double elimination this week even though no one left."


Back to his back. "I've been feeling under the weather and my back's been acting up the past week," Derek wrote. "I think it's just wear and tear. It's just that part of the season when it all starts to catch up to you and the show is getting tougher with multiple dances. I'm taking care of it. I feel confident it'll be OK. I was hurting Monday, but adrenaline got me through it."

He also discussed their Paso and team dance practice. "The Paso's going OK. We didn't start working on it until Wednesday. Tuesday, I was so dead. I got sick and it was rough! I was just at home, drowning myself in water, ginger, lemons, oils and all that stuff. The Paso's probably the worst dance to have with lower back problems. I don't want to make my back worse, but I can't sit down and choreograph. I have to do it on the floor and feel the dance and see how Amber or whoever my partner is doing. I can't create sitting down, so that's been difficult, but we're making it work."

Good luck! We're looking forward to seeing their dance, and whatever happens with that "Fox" performance. It should be pretty crazy.

Source: TV Guide