Derek Hough: “I’m So Happy” For Maks to Win Dancing With the Stars  — “Long Time Coming, Man”
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Derek Hough: “I’m So Happy” For Maks to Win Dancing With the Stars — “Long Time Coming, Man”

Now that Dancing With the Stars pro Maksim Chmerkovskiy has his own trophy, maybe the real/fake/exaggerated/natural rivalry between him and Derek Hough can disappear.

Derek has won DWTS five times, after joining the show in Season 5. Maks joined the show in Season 2 and just won Season 18 with Meryl Davis — who actually worked with Derek on her way to gold with Charlie White at the Sochi Olympics.

Derek and his celeb partner, Amy Purdy, had to settle for the DWTS equivalent of a silver medal. After the Finale, Amy and Derek talked to E! News about their own great journey, and Derek shared his happiness for Maks. "It was so awesome to see Meryl and Maks with that trophy," Derek said. "Seeing Maks, I love what he said, he goes, 'I know it's a piece of plastic but it means so much!' But it's so true, and it's amazing. I'm so happy. Long time coming, man. He's been here from the beginning, so it's awesome seeing him with that trophy."

Derek said Maks came up to him and gave him a hug and said, "Bro, I don't know how you did this five times, man. This nearly killed me." Derek added, "It's amazing. I'm really genuinely really happy for them." Good for Derek. Not surprising, though, since he's just a class act. He also holds his emotions back more than Maks, who usually wears his heart on his sleeve.

Maks admitted he cried with frustration when he and Erin Andrews lost Season 10 to Derek and Nicole Scherzinger, who had a much easier time learning routines. Derek also won Season 11 with Jennifer Grey, marking his third win at that point. When Derek took off Season 12 to film a movie, he wished Maks luck on having that be his season. Maks got close, second place with Kirstie Alley, but it wasn't meant to be. He then had to watch Derek win two more times after that — including the past two seasons, which Maks sat out — before getting the glory on his own.

Maks’s BFF Tony Dovolani also won his first trophy in Season 15, so now it’s just down to Maks’s brother, Valentin Chmerkovskiy. Maybe Season 19 will be his season.

For now, congrats to both Maks and Derek on their amazing Season 18 accomplishments. ABC doesn’t seem to want to bring back the Results Show, but maybe on Tuesday nights they could air a Hough/Chmerkovskiy buddy comedy starring Derek and Maks, with guest roles for Val and Julianne. No one would need to phone in the drama!

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