Derek Hough Gets Major Shot in Back — Will He Dance Tonight? (PHOTO)
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Dancing With The Stars

Derek Hough Gets Major Shot in Back — Will He Dance Tonight? (PHOTO)

A “shot in the arm” is meant to be encouraging, but a shot in the back just seems painful.

Dancing With the Stars pro Derek Hough shared the back shot photo shown below on October 27, writing, “This is happening ... Ouch!"

Derek and his Season 17 partner Amber Riley have both written blogs about his serious back issues this week.

Amber wrote that Derek’s back was bothering him so much that she had to spend some time rehearsing with pro Henry Byalikov. She wasn't sure if Derek would be up for their two Week 7 dances — an individual Paso Doble and the team dance to "What Does the Fox Say?"

But Derek seemed optimistic in his TV Guide blog, writing, “I'm taking care of it. I feel confident it'll be OK.” However, he added, “The Paso's probably the worst dance to have with lower back problems. I don't want to make my back worse, but I can't sit down and choreograph. I have to do it on the floor and feel the dance and see how Amber or whoever my partner is doing. I can't create sitting down, so that's been difficult, but we're making it work."

If he’s getting back shots, hopefully that will help him. He’s the Energizer Bunny out there, so we won’t be surprised if he dances tonight (Monday, October 28) and looks like he’s feeling no pain at all.

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