Derek Hough Shares Back Injury Updates, Worries About Cher Song on Dancing With the Stars
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Dancing With The Stars

Derek Hough Shares Back Injury Updates, Worries About Cher Song on Dancing With the Stars

If Derek Hough could turn back time, he'd probably find a way to avoid hurting his back or Amber Riley's knee on Dancing With the Stars Season 17. But it's too late.

We didn't even know if Derek would be able to complete his two Week 7 dances, because his back was bothering him so much. But he got through it and he shared good news in his TV Guide blog.

"My back is better," Derek wrote on November 3. "All is well. It was touch-and-go for a while on Monday, but I felt better as we got closer to show time. I had to rest it for a few days and Amber had to see her doctor about her knee, so we didn't start rehearsals until Thursday."

They have the Rumba for tonight's Week 8 individual routine. Derek said that slower rhythm should be easier on Amber's knee — but there are complications, including all the leg action needed for the dance.

"Amber is still wearing her knee brace, so it's a little tricky trying to get all the technique down,” Derek explained. “We're not sure if she can dance without it yet, but we're working with it. It's also not as simple as just taking the brace off. When you wear a brace for a long time, your muscles become dependent on it, so you have to ease back into everything after you take it off. I had knee braces once and when I took them off and tried to dance, my knees completely buckled. It's a very weird, disorienting feeling."

The other complication is that they are doing the Rumba to Cher's "If I Could Turn Back Time." Derek asked, "How do you Rumba to that?! If you know, tell me! I watched the music video a few times with her on that Navy ship. What if we wear that fishnet bodysuit get-up? I'm joking! (Maybe.)"

As we know by now, whenever Derek is initially stumped for choreography, something magical tends to appear by the end. (See the 1950s Paso Doble on Season 10.)

Are you excited to see Amber and Derek dance tonight? Sound off below, and catch the episode at 8 p.m. ET on ABC!

Source: TV Guide