Desiree Hartsock on Drew and Chris: “I Just Can’t Love Them As Much”
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The Bachelorette

Desiree Hartsock on Drew and Chris: “I Just Can’t Love Them As Much”

There’s no doubt about it: Desiree Hartsock’s The Bachelorette Season 9 Finale has already been quite the emotional gut bomb so far, and it’s only just begun. obtained a sneak peek of the August 5 episode, and from what we can see, Des isn’t bending one bit on where she stands with the remaining guys.

As viewers will relive in flashbacks until the end of time, Desiree was blindsided when Brooks Forester left her in Antigua, right before they were supposed to go on a 1-on-1 date. They talked, they cried, and then they cried some more, but ultimately Brooks left Des, in tears.

But while Des said, “for me, it’s over,” the reality is, it’s not. She still has to contend with remaining guys Chris Siegfried and Drew Kenney, both of whom have said they love her. Unfortunately for them, though, Des admits in the sneak peek that she “just can’t love them as much” as she loves Brooks.

“It throws everything off, having Brooks gone,” Des elaborates. “It’s just hard to have pictured a marriage, or picture loving, and having that in return... and having that in reach, for it to just fall. That’s the worst feeling in the world.”

And while she repeats that Brooks broke her heart, remember that she told him on the dock, “I don’t care if you broke my heart. I love you.” Will he return and say it back? What can she do at this point other than tell Drew and Chris to hop a plane back to the mainland?