Bachelorette 2013 Finale Spoilers/Speculation: What Happens in Antigua?
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The Bachelorette

Bachelorette 2013 Finale Spoilers/Speculation: What Happens in Antigua?

The day has finally arrived: part one of the Season 9 Bachelorette finale on July 29. There’s more than one part, you ask? Why, yes. The finale for this year’s dose of girl talk is such a roaring “dumpster fire,” as host Chris Harrison so delicately put it, that ABC had no choice but to divide the action into two different weeks. Are you excited yet?!

Well, you should be, because despite the ups and downs Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock has already faced this season, her ride isn’t going to get any smoother. For being such a small island, Antigua packs a big punch.

First, we know that Brooks Forester, the beau Des first proclaimed her love for, is still feeling his feelings by the time he lands on Antigua's sandy shores. In fact, Brooksy is so conflicted he seeks out Saint Christopher for a man chat and may even leave the destination vacation early.

As if that’s not enough for the Bachelorette to deal with, fellow heartthrob Chris Siegfried puts his rhyming ways on hold to drop an ultimatum that Des may not be able to meet.

And what about fair-skinned Drew Kenney? How does he fare in the harsh Caribbean sun? Our sources differ on this but we get the feeling Drew will be leaving The Bachelorette a little red in the face.

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