Did Desiree Hartsock Tell Andi Dorfman NOT to Listen to Her Heart?!
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Did Desiree Hartsock Tell Andi Dorfman NOT to Listen to Her Heart?!

In the pantheon of Most Popular Bachelor Cliches Ever, “follow your heart” is right up there as one of the show’s most frequently spouted catchphrases, along with “here for the right reasons,” or “forget drinking booze by the pool — I want to spend my downtime in the Bachelor Mansion reading classic Russian literature.” (OK, maybe not that last one.) But is Desiree Hartsock going against the show’s time-honored wisdom by imploring 2014 Bachelorette Andi Dorfman to not follow her heart?

Des tells Your Tango that she talked to Andi at Juan Pablo Galavis’s ATFR on March 10 and told her that the guy she has the most butterflies about may not be the one for her. “I told her to follow her heart, but to also trust her mind,” Des reveals. “Too often, we lead with our heart and that can get us hurt, since infatuation will not last.” Des adds that Andi “has a lot to offer the right guy.”

It’s quite telling that Des is warning Andi against leaning on “infatuation.” Indeed, we saw Desiree get her heart broken last season when she had fallen hard for Brooks Forester, only to see him leave her behind in Antigua. So, it appears Des is trying to keep Andi from making the mistake she made about not realizing who was best for her.

And while we appreciate that Des is giving Andi a heads-up, this show is really in peak form when the person in charge goes at it without any walls up. So, sorry Des, but we do still want Andi to follow her heart. After all, we all saw from Juan Pablo’s season what happens when someone listens to a different body part.

Do you think Des gave Andi good advice?

Source: Your Tango